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We serve Canadians first

This is a list of goods and products that we export from canada :

  1. Cars
  2. Wood
  3. food

General Introduction

Export Import is one of the leader in Canada in handling exports and import operations. With a dedicated network of worldwide suppliers, our company can rapidly provide any type of goods into Canada. We deal mainly with food and agriculture products imports from the meditarians countries, and cars and wood export from Canada to the rest of the world. But our business goes beyond that.

This is a list of goods and products that we import to Canada :

  1. food
  2. household supplies
  3. cosmetics

Core Features

Competitively priced

Our products price that we provide to Canadians are considered moderate comparing to what exist already in the market.

Dedicated to full support

We listen and follow carefully the market changes, and we always make sure to satisfy our customers and answers them questions.

Worldwide resources

We make sure to fulfill an order or a contract to ensure the reception of goods and services on time and in the expected condition.

Our Partners

Triomphe thuccabor

Biologic Olive Oil Supplier

Triimphe thuccabor biological extra virgin ollive oil is one of the best biological olive oil producer in the world, he received the gold medal of the Los Angeles Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards 2020 edition.


Household supplier

Lilas is a leading company specialized in the production of hygienic articles.

Lilas has a variety of household products which serve our customers all over the world.

Artisan Nature

Cosmetics & Handicraft

Artisan Nature is a company dedicated to provide biological cosmetics, and traditional handicrafts products from the mediterranean coast and culture.



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